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Travel information United States of America : USA (formally the United States of America) is a federation of 50 states in North America are located. There are two states that are not connected with the other states through a direct line. These are the states Hawaii and Alaska. In the United States nearly 300 million people live. Thus the country after China and India's most populous country. The country, after Russia, Canada and China the largest country in the world. The United States bounded on the north by Canada and the zuikant by Mexico. To the west lies the Pacific Ocean to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean. Teoristische attractions of the USA: New York City and the capital Washington DC. In addition, the mountainous areas of the Rocky Mountains, often visited. States that many tourists are Califormia and Florida. The state of Nevada Las Vegas gets many visitors from outside. The climate is extremely variable in the U.S.. There are areas where you can lie on the beach, but is too busy skiing in Utah for example.

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