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Travel information Paraquay : Paraguay is a country in the heart of South America, with nearly 7 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The Rio Paraguay and Paraná are the two largest rivers. The area around this river is a large plain. The east is mountainous. In the southwest, the savanna-like territory of the Chaco Boreal. In the remaining part of Paraguay is tropical rain forest and hills. There is a tropical climate. Capital Asunción has 600,000 inhabitants. Places are the presidential palace, Casa Viola, a zoo, the Catedral Metropolitana, the house of independence, Parks, a Botanical Garden, Casa de Cultura Paraguaya and the Square of the Constitution. Other major cities are Capiatá, Ciudad del Este, Concepción, Encarnación, Fernando de la Mora, Lambarene, Luque, Pedro Juan Caballero, San Lorenzo and Villa Elisa. On the list of UNESCO world heritage, the Jesuit Missions of La Trinidad Santísima the Parana and Jesus the Tavarangue. Other attractions include the Mennonites colonies, the waterfalls of Iguazu, the religious center Caacupe, the Itaipú, the Indians in the Chaco plains, the Chaco war museum and music city Luque.

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