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Travel information Panama : Panama is the southernmost country of Central America with 3.2 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Costa Rica and Colombia. The Caribbean Sea is located on the north coast of Panama. The Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Panama are on the south coast. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are connected by the Panama Canal. The landscape consists largely of mountains. Only in the middle of Panama and along the coastal lowlands is available. In the middle of the country, along the canal, is tropical rainforest. As in the north west and east of the country. The coastal areas are characterized by sandy beaches, coral reefs and the many islands. The republic has a tropical and humid climate. Capital Panama City has nearly 800,000 inhabitants. Sights include the buildings from the colonial time, Casco Viejo, San Felipe, the national park Sobreranía, the many museums, the zoo, the bay and the Botanical Gardens. Other major cities include Arraiján, Bocas del Toro, Colon, David, Porto Belo, Vacamonte and Yaviza. On the list of UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, the Panama Viejo and the historic district of Panama City, the fortifications Porto Belo San Lorenzo and the national parks of Darien, Coiba and Talamanca Range La Amistad. Other attractions are the Guaymi Indians, the islands of the Darien jungle, the Kuna civilization, flora and fauna and national parks.

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