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Travel information Nicaragua adventure: Nicaragua is a country in Central America with 5.8 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Honduras and Costa Rica. Nicaragua has a coastline of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The landscape is tropical low plains, mountains and a central mountain range. The lowlands to the east consist mainly of rain forest. Western mountains and volcanoes. In the southwest lie the lakes Laco de Nicaragua and Laco Managua. There is a tropical climate. Managua Capital has 1.3 million inhabitants. Places are the national museum, the baseball stadium and the Ruben Dario Theater. Other major cities include Granada, La Libertad, León, Masaya, Matagalpa, Rama and San Carlos. On the list of UNESCO world heritage, the ruins of Leon Viejo. Other attractions are Zapatera shield volcano, the island of Ometepe, the Chorotega civilization, Artesania market, Spanish colonial architecture in Leon and cigars at La Placencia.

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