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Travel information Mexico : Mexico is a country in the southern part of North America and consists of 110 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are the United States, Belize and Guatemala. Mexico has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The republic has two peninsulas, Baja California and Yucatán and a number of islands. The landscape is largely mountainous. Hills, mountains, valleys, canyons, volcanoes and crater lakes. But there are also desert areas, savanna areas, swamps and coastal plains with beaches. Vegetation in the form of needle and tropical rain forests. There is a tropical rainforest environment, but there is a northern desert climate. Capital Mexico City has 9 million inhabitants. Places are Zócalo square and the Aztec Templo Mayor, the National Palace and the Spanish Cathedral, the Monument of Independence, skyscraper Torre Mayor, Chapultepec Park and the National Anthropology Museum, the Square of the Three Cultures, the Basilica of Guadalupe and Aztec Stadium. On the list of UNESCO world heritage, many pre Columbian cities, historical centers, reserves, protected areas, areas of archaeological monuments, monasteries, missions and ancient Mayan cities.

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