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Travel information Honduras : Honduras is a country in Central America with 7.8 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The country has a long coastline along the Caribbean Sea in the north and a short coastline on the Gulf of Fonseca in the south. The landscape consists mainly of hills, mountains and mountain chains. Furthermore, many rivers and lakes. Vegetation is in the form of tropical rainforest, pine forests and cloud forests. The low coastal plains consist of bays, lagoons, mangrove forests and beaches. In the Caribbean Sea, the Bahia Islands, the Swan Islands and the Barrier Reef. There are two distinct types of environment. The mountains have a temperate climate. In the low plains is a tropical climate. Capital Tegucigalpa has 1 ½ million people. Places of the Basilica of Suyapa, the San Miguel Cathedral, the university building, the monument Cristo de El Picacho, the church Iglesia de San Francisco and the National Museum. Other major cities are Choluteca, Comayagua, El Progreso, La Ceiba, La Esperanza, Omoa, Tela, Trujillo, San Pedro Sula, Santa Rosa de Copan and Siguatepeque. On the list of UNESCO world heritage, the archaeological site of the Maya city Copan and the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. Other attractions are the ancient Maya culture, the many national parks, Spanish forts and the Miskito, Sumo-and Paya Indians.

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