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Travel information El Salvador : El Salvador is a country in Central America with 7 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador has a coastline of the Pacific Ocean in the south. The mountain range of Sierra Maestra del Norte lies along the border with Honduras. The volcanic mountain chain Cadena Costera stretches along the coast. As there remains a short coastal plain, in a tropical climate (tierra caliente). The fertile plateau between two mountain chains has temperate climate (tierra templada). The high mountains along the border with Honduras has colder climate (tierra fria). The landscape is characterized more by volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, lakes and rivers. On the coast cliffs, bays, islands and sandy beaches. Capital San Salvador has 490,000 inhabitants. Attractions are the cathedral, the national theater, the Palace, the zoo and the volcano. Other major cities are Acajutla, Ahuachapán, Chalatenango, La Unión, Nueva San Salvador, Santa Ana, Puerto Cutuco, Puerto El Triunfo and San Miguel. The archaeological site Joya de Cerén is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Other attractions are the ruins of the Maya cities, the Spanish colonial architecture, Suchitoto, water ponds Los Chorros, the Cerro Verde National Park, the Monte Cristo cloud forest in the three countries point, the crater lakes and active volcano Izalco.

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