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Travel information Costa Rica exchange rates: Costa Rica is a country in Central America with 4.2 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries are Panama and Nicaragua. The Pacific Ocean is located on the west coast and the Caribbean Sea to the east. In the territory of Costa Rica are a number of islands, including uninhabited Cocos Island. It is 500 kilometers from the coast in the Pacific Ocean. The republic has a varied landscape with mountains, hills, limestone cliffs, plateaus and valleys. Volcanoes, lava lakes and springs. Furthermore tropical plains, grasslands, savanna landscapes, swamps, rivers and lakes. Along the coasts of tropical rain forest, mangrove forests, sandy beaches, bays and coral reefs. Capital San Jose has 330,000 inhabitants. Sights include the covered markets, the national theater, the Plaza de la Cultura, the gold museum, jade museum and national museum. Other major cities are Cartago, Puntarenas, Liberia, Nicoya, Puntarenas, Caldera, Puerto Quepos, San Isidro, Puerto Limón and Montezuma. On the list of UNESCO world heritage is the Talamanca Range-La Amistad reserve, national park, La Amistad, the region of Guanacaste and the Cocos Island National Park. Places are many national parks, flora and fauna, La Fortuna, Tortuguero, water sports and the canopy tour in park Rincon de la Vieja.

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