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Travel information Canada : Canada is a country in North America with 34 million inhabitants. Neighbor, the United States. Canada has a long coastline. This runs along the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In the northeast are Greenland and Iceland. In the north west is the Russian Federation. The landscape of Canada is very diverse. In the north are arctic landscapes, the Arctic archipelago, glacier lakes, thousands of lakes and Hudson Bay. The Rocky Mountains are located in the west. Furthermore, prairies, swamps, river deltas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, deserts, table mountains, tundra areas and volcanoes. Along the coastal beaches, cliffs, dunes, inlets, rocky outcrops and inlets, coves and islands. Vegetation: pine trees, rain forests and cedar trees. Capital Ottawa has 1 million inhabitants. Places are the neo-Gothic parliament buildings, the house of commons, the Peace Tower and Spark Street Mall. Other major cities include Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton and Quebec. On the list of UNESCO World Heritage are many national parks, the historic district of Quebec, the ancient city of Lunenberg, Rideau Canal, Dinosaur Provincial Park and the fossil cliffs of Jogging. Other attractions include Niagara Falls, polar bears in Churchill, flora and fauna and the Maritimes.

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